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Technical Service & Support
We partner with you to support your investment with fast, responsive technical support and
centralised customer administration. Our comprehensive array of customer services includes
extensive pre-sales consulting and document flow analysis.
Once our solution is in place our digitally certified technical engineers can work with your IT team to
deliver seamless integration and consistent service across multiple applications, computer platforms
and file formats. Additional training is available as staff document needs change.
The industry has recognised our commitment to the continual investment in our staff, with ongoing
training and assessment to ensure the levels of service needed to support the most advanced
customers are met
Providing Industry Leading Performance

Our direct service and support is available to customers to provide industry leading performance and
peace of mind. When you need service support we will fix the problem first time 98% of the time.
Parts Network
Our advanced parts distribution network encompasses a centralised spare parts centre carrying over
8,000 product lines located within 10 miles of our offices. Real time information is available for
immediate problem resolution. You gain improved uptime and performance through better parts
management with:
Strategic Parts Warehousing
Detailed order pattern and usage
Online inventory database
Service Plus Smart Support
Smart Support gives us the ability to communicate real time service information from a multifunctional
device in the field and have that available for our support staff without the need to be at a customer
site. This gives CopyVision the ability to forward plan a potential support call already aware of the
customer needs long before it develops into an urgent support call, saving valuable time for our
customers and our support team.
The products offered on our website require specialist knowledge to install and maintain which cannot
be carried out on a DIY basis. These products are offered with installation, service and maintenance
at the time of purchase.