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Outright Purchase Option
Purchasing office equipment for many organisations has been the most beneficial
way to update their office equipment. It gives the peace of mind that ownership offers.
Lease Financing Option* 
CopyVision Business Solutions work closely with a number of leasing companies
who provide finance solutions for office equipment. Many companies use leasing
as the route to updating this equipment and below you can see some of the key
benefits. For more details and information call 0845 2000 793
Conserves working Capital
Cash is the most valuable commodity in your business, it doesn't always make
sense to tie up valuable cash in a depreciating asset that you will use for several
years. Financing allows you to retain cash within the business where it can be
used to invest in growth
Fixed payments
Your payments are fixed for the duration of the agreement, unlike bank
overdrafts which are repayable on demand.
Tax Efficient
Leases provide a tax efficient way to finance office equipment as your rental
payments are a fully allowable expense against your taxable profits.
Accelerated ROI
By spreading the cost of your investment over the useful life of the asset you can
demonstrate a faster return on investment
Flexibility to Change
Financing your investment provides future options to add further investment to
your agreement without necessarily increasing your monthly payments. This
allows for greater cash flow management and budget control.
Preserves existing credit lines
Financing your office equipment leaves your existing credit lines free to finance growth
or to cover uncertain trading periods.
*Finance is only available for orders over £1,000