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Building A Lasting Relationship
www.Olivetti-Offers.co.uk is the online division of Copyvision Business Solutions, an independent
supplier of Olivetti equipment. Established in 2006 we have steadily grown our business to
offer  reprographics solutions to many organisation who value a transparent relationship, a high
level of support and can trust that we deliver  consistency. This has been emphasised by the
growth of the business through recommendations. 
Proposing and building a solution for office documents is just the start of the lasting relationship we
build with our customers. We continue to manage the entire relationship, providing a comprehensive
account management, administration, client training and service support package – with one point of
Copyvision Business Solutions meets the challenges of today’s dynamic document environment with a
family of products and services that can be tailored to solutions that address your organisational
needs. By analyzing the flow of documents into, out of and through your business, as well as the cost
effectiveness of your current environment, we can propose a solution that meets your precise
We offer a range of financing plans to provide you with complete flexibility and the lowest possible
total cost of ownership, including cost per print/copy support, third party leasing and purchase
plans. Our quarterly reviews analyse the on-going performance of our solution, provide proof of
efficiencies and identify new opportunities for lowering costs and boosting productivity.